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One time disposable item which plays a role to raise the option of item by one level at certain probability.
If you succeed in enchant by using bluedrop, option will move up by one level.
However, be sure that option may move down by one level or item may be expired if you are failed.
If you use bluedrop, it will disappear since its role is accomplished.
One time disposable item which has more probability of enchant than bluedrop.
Bluedrop 2 is looted when catching monster in the Holyland of Adam, and it is not sold in stores unlike existing bluedrop.
If you use bluedrop 2, it will disappear since its role is accomplished.
One-time expendable item to enchant lair item (with two options).
The way of use is same as bluedrop. When using lair item, certain success probability will be applied to each option to change option value (raise, no change, lower, remove).
If using bluebird, the role of bluebird ends and disappears.
- Description: One-time expendable item to change lower level item to higher level item at certain probability.
- Effect : It can raise the level of subject item according to rank, level and option at different probability.

Subject : Item of level 5 and less
Effect : Raising level

※ Please make sure following.
1. Item with level 6 and more cannot be enchanted.
2. Rare item cannot be enchanted.
3. The level of option and current level of item decide the probability of success and failure.
4. Although you failed, the level will not be lowered.
5. Promotion item is impossible for enchant.
6. Yellowdrop will disappear after use regardless of success or failure.
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* Information about item option
- As option value is getting higher, wearing limit level is rising.

* Information about item level
- As item level is rising, item price is rising.
- Defense and protection rise.
Race Kinds of armor Changing value of standard attribute by level
Defense Protection Durability
Slayer Armor suit and pants 2 1 1000
Helmet, gloves, belt, shoes, shield 1 Increase by 1
from level 2
Vampire Coat 2 1 1000
Ousters Coat suit and pants 2 1 1000
Arm’s band, circlet 1 Increase by 1
from level 2