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Hell Garden is divided into 3 phases: Acquisition of Hell Garden entrance key, Tower penetration hunting and Hell Garden clear. Accomplishing each phase will follow compensation.
Quest Classification Contents
Hunting for entrance key In order to enter 4 of each tower: After you get entrance key from monsters, you must enter the tower within 2 minutes after the party member who has a key enters the tower.
Hunting in Hell Garden tower 4 towers are constructed by strong magical power with black bramble seed of Gilles de Rais. After you get Cross of Defiance by hunting the most powerful monsters and boss monster (location: upper floor) you will be able to move to upper floor of Hell Garden.
Hunting for clearing Hell Garden After you get Cross of Defiance, Hell Garden will be cleared with compensation by defeating powerful monsters, boss monsters and every floors of Hell Garden.
- Hell Garden which is for only advance class is constructed with 5 floors.
- There are 4 towers on each floor and each tower is constructed with 10 floors.
- Boss monster is located on each 5th and 10th floor.
- In order to enter the tower, you must get a key by hunting monsters which are located on each floor.
Zone name
(Hell Garden)
Tower name Explanation
1st floor Albedo 1F Each tower is construct with
1st ~ 10th floor
Nigredo 1F
Rubedo 1F
Desperado 1F
2nd floor Albedo 2F
Nigredo 2F
Rubedo 2F
Desperado 2F
3nd floor Albedo 3F
Nigredo 3F
Rubedo 3F
Desperado 3F
4nd floor Albedo 4F
Nigredo 4F
Rubedo 4F
Desperado 4F
5nd floor Albedo 5F
Nigredo 5F
Rubedo 5F
Desperado 5F
- You are able to get Cross for each floor by clearing tower.
- To be qualified to move to next floor, you must exchange cross for item through NPC
  (location: center zone on each floor).