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- Fighter Type : A type with melee attack by using bare hands or melee weapons (sword, blade)
- Mage Type : A type using magic attack as a mage
- Fighter/Mage Type : A type using both melee and ranged attack
IMG LEV HP Description on Monster – By Attack Type
1 30 DeadBody - Fighter
Vampire similar to zombie.
Attack power and physical strength is low.
1 45 TurningDead – Fighter
Vampire evolved close to human, 99% of vampires stay in this level usually.
1 60 TurningSoul – Fighter
1% of vampires evolved from TurningDead. Small amount of spirit.
2 90 Kid – Fighter
It has not been long since it became a vampire. It is called as a kid.
5 123 Soldier- Fighter
Soldier vampire based on physical strength. Intellectual and physical ability is excellent.
10 157 Captain - Fighter
Vampire controlling soldiers. Play as a scouting soldier.
14 127 Arkhan - Mage &Fighter
Vampire with a look of werewolf.
15 193 IronTeeth - Fighter
Vampire called as iron teeth. Once blood sucked, flesh of the neck area is scooped out.
18 97 RedEye - Mage
Poison specialist mage vampire.
20 231 Mutant- Fighter Type
Hunchback type. This vampire is created when mage vampire sucked blood extraordinarily.
23 133 Moderas - Mage
This is mage vampire which reminds black mage.
It is told their magic skill is excellent due to long-time accumulated knowledge.
25 184 Vandalizer - Mage &Fighter
Vampire with look of Indian. Fast move often embarrasses slayers.
27 169 DirtyStrider - Mage &Fighter
Shrewd, and approach and attack in no time.
They cast spells upon running slayers not moving.
30 309 Estroider - Fighter
Vampire with extraordinarily developed muscle.
33 174 Widows - Mage
Female vampire attacking by brandishing a folding fan.
35 211 Hobble - Mage &Fighter
Hobble is acting very carefully. It silently approaches and seriously hurts absent-minded slayers.
38 106 BigFang - Mage &Fighter
This vampire has large molar tooth. Fast attack is their special feature.
40 216 BloodWarlock - Mage
It is known as 'Mage of blood.’ Greed on blood reaches an extreme.
45 477 Golemer - Fighter
Vampire wearing hard armor. Intelligence is low.
50 262 ShadowWing - Mage
They fly in the air by using their unique ‘Wing of Darkness’ skill.