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- Manual to raise common pets -
- Junior wolfarches are the wild young of wolfarch. Junior wolfarches are not basically aggressive. When you attacks them first, they will die or run away. If you wants to make them your own pet, you have to tame them into wolfdogs.

- The area where Junior wolfarch appears
Eslanian (Southeast, Northeast), Castle Limbo(Southeast, Northeast), Drobeta (Southeast, Northeast), Mt. Rodin(Southeast, Northeast) , Perona (Southeast, Northeast) , Lake Timor (Southeast, Northeast) Holyland of Adam (Center)

- In this process, you need several items to tame them. You can buy those items at regular shops. When you apply such items to Junior wolfarches, they will follow or run away in a cerain probability. If they run away, it means you fail to lure them. If not, you can register leashes on the inventory window. Click on the leash to call pets. If you open the information window of your character, a dog-shape button will appear. Press the button to open the information window of the called pet.
Items to lure pets: Mini meat, light meat, half meat, large meat, character name, feed effective time, price
Character name Feed effective time Price
Mini Meat 6 hours (Actual time) 5.000
Light Meat 22 hours 20.000
Half Meat 36 hours 60.000
Large Meat 50 hours 350.000
The probability of tempting is different upon the price of item. Also, if you succeed in tempting the pet, you can use it as feed.
Basically pet dies without feed. The feeding time continues in real time even when you log out or does not call the pet.
Feed can be purchased from general stores. Click right mouse button to feed the pet after calling the pet. If the pet is fed, existing feed will disappear. (New feed is replaced.)
If feed for the pet is out of short, the pet will die. The dead pet cannot be summoned. Only item for resurrection can bring its life again. However, if one week passed after death, the pet cannot be resurrected forever.
You should take good care the pet continuously.

Item for feed : Mini meat, light meat, half meat and large meat
The retaining time is different according to the price of item. feed item and tempting item are same kind. If you do not have a pet, tempting item will be used and if you have a pet, you can use it as feed item.

Revival item : Revival set
Item to revive pet. The older the time of death is, the less the probability of revival is.
Pets can grow up to level 50. Basically if you log in and calls your pet, the pet will obtain experience values according to calling times. Also, the pet can loot iteam from the monsters you catch when you hunts in company with the pet. When looting items, the pet can obtain a certan experience values (If a monster does not carry any items, no experience value is given.)
Therefore, the more you go hunting with a pet, the more level experience value of pet you get. The higher the level is, pet is transformed at certain stage and obtains various functions.
Pet is not attacked by other users or monsters.

Change of pet by stage
When the level of pet reaches 10, unique attribute can be granted. If purchasing enchant item(red drop) to use it, the attribute can be granted randomly. If enchant is failed, one more try is possible. However, once granted attribute cannot be returned back.
Enchant item(red drop) is sold at general stores.
This attribute enchant is available at the time of level 10, and it should be done before level 11. If you don’t enchant, the experience of per cannot be earned. (It cannot be level 11.)
When level is up, the attribute of per increases. The amount of increase is different according to each attribute. Up to 50, the attribute can be raised.
Attribute STR DEX INT Defense Protection Luck Sight Damage HP+ To-Hit All ability MP+ Critical Attack Speed
Mastery 21 21 21 30 30 15 11 11 50 30 11 50 50 50
< Max Attribute Mastery (Mastery when the wolfdog becomes a master) >
Pets basically have an ability to loot items from the monsters you catch (they do not pick up items). When they reach level 11, they are given an opportunity to grant the 2nd ability every time they go to the next level. With this ability, they can loot monster’s heads(soul stone) as well as other items.
Every time they go to the next level, they are given an opportunity to grant the 2nd ability. When such opportunity is given, the user presses the star of pet interface and success or falure will be decided by probability. If you fail, you can try it again in the next level. If you succeed, the star button will be inactivated. If you keep failing until level 50, you can not give your pet the 2nd ability forever.

※ Since experience values go up during looting monster heads if the 2md ability is successfully given, the raising speed of pets becomes faster.
When pet’s level reaches 49, the 2nd Enchant is allowed. Unlike the 1st Enchant (attributes are given) which is allowed in Level 10, one option among options added to regular items will be given randomly. This option does not increaes according to levels. When the user becomes a master, he/she will use bonus associated with this option but in level 49, he/she will not use it.
The user may use it in the same way he/she uses red drop. But, the user has to use redbird items.
While pets are growing, their attributes are applied to the user like items.
As the user masters pets, the pets obtain the 1st function, 2nd function, attributes and options and slow down the speed thay eat food.

※ Before the level of pets reaches 50, the 2nd Enchant has to be attempted. The 2nd Enchant pet is impossible higher than level 50.

NPC for pet items
Race Item Location NPC
Slayer Meat (feed) Knight guild 2F Gruber
Perona SW Robin bexter
Revival set Knight guild 2F Gruber
Perona SW Robin bexter
Red bird Perona SW Carmen
Red bird Perona SW Carmen
Vampire Meat (feed) Inside of castle Limbo Kapatini
Perona NE Griffith
Revival set Inside of castle Limbo Kapatini
Perona NE Griffith
Red drop Rasen yard Priya
Red bird Rasen yard Priya
Ousters Meat (Feed) Ousters village Amatar
Revival Set Ousters village Amatar
Red bird Ousters village Amatar
Red bird Ousters village Amatar