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As the war between vampires and slayers has been prolonged, both sides’ consuming confrontation showed no sign of improvement. Since ousters who joined the war in the middle had been betrayed by human, they took independent line. However, since the size of military power was behind the enemy despite of superior ability of individual, there was no significant accomplishment.

Due to the long-term consuming war, damage to each race was increasing tremendously and moral is getting lower. Each race’s governing body was debating to make secret plan which can break through current situation. There were rumors the governing bodies were communicating secretly which had never likely been compromised in those situation, and there were some trusty assertion. The examination of governing body was not active since they thought internal conflict might be possible. Rather, this lukewarm attitude stimulated those who were planning rebellion, and it became a chance to advance the time when they exercise their influential power.

The actually revealed power of betLairs overcame power of existing governing body, and the reaction measure of the governing body was not effective since they had been not active on this matter. However, those who fight against the new power had to find a breakthrough in any way. Of course, there were warriors who had survived through countless warfield were standing in the center.
Secret information identified the central figure who have been in collusion with vampires, lots of information were already divulged. The betLairs vanished the moment they noticed they were disclosed. New enemy combining features of vampire and slayer began to push slayer based on stealed information. They put aside the confused governing body and organized new power based on their experience hardened in actual fight. They finally began to move under the purpose that they return to vampire hunter’s position, EVE, which does not depend on the order of governing body which pursues only profits.

This is a concept approaching in the perspective of technology development which is the strong point of human. As a elite veteran unit, minimize cumbersome gloves as much as we can, and take effective combat as our motto. Follow the trend of modern military equipments, the lighter and more compact.
Masters have forced tradition and dignity while they have treated other vampires as expendables for their own sake. The power opposing to these masters already has been with vampire over couple of centuries. However, they have followed with common sense that if the power of masters get bigger, it means the expansion of whole vampires’ power under the situation where human power take superiority. As it was found the blind desire of some masters toward power was not related to whole race’s prosperity, the central power to unite them went down to low-ranking group. Unlike masters desiring strong power only, new power can make even threatening master as enemy if they think it is the way of their own utopia.They finally appeared in the front of history of vampire.

They strongly show reallistic moods rather than acting in authoritative manner. They create more liberal moods with impression of the new generation against the old generation.
Carisas, who has borrowed the body of Lavinia, finally felt she was getting weak by hours. Since ousters has slept for a long time, they couldn’t find a substitute for Carisas until now. Furthermore, it is war situation where hostile creatures were everywhere. Carisas was a center of mental strength to restrain thirsty on blood flowing in their bodies. When Carisas disapears, their nature as vampires might be revealed while they respond to hostility. Finally, they felt urgent need to root out the ring of blood hidden inside their bodies.