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If you are fed up with simple hunting, challenge this quest. You will have unique item you cannot wear normally.
While challenging quest, if you hunt certain number of monsters within limited time, you will have timed item (weapon / armor / accessories).
- Slayer : Chris (Knight guild 1F)
- Vampire : Kapatini (Inside of castle Limbo)
- Ousters : Amatar (Au villate inside)
The contents of quest will be given randomly by choosing one.

( Requirements for Quest )

- Quest is granted matching to the level and ability scores.
- You can kill certain amount of monsters.
- You have to complete quest within limited time.
- You cannot apply several quests at the same time, but you can reapply the quest after finishing quest.
* Caution : Quest disappears when you logged out. If you want it, you have to apply again. At this time, all previous history will disappear.
- There is no limit to wear quest item . Acquired item can be worn with no condition.
- Quest item is not allowed to sell. There is no durability and price information.
- Although it is quest item, slayer’s one can be silver-plated.
- Weapon which was given to slayer follows the highest domain level and in case of firearms, you will receive AR.
- Quest item can be only used for certain time.
- The available time for quest item is two times of the limit time of the quest.
- In case of quest item, you cannot trade or drop it. Only you can put it in inventory and equipment. Although your tendency is bad and dead, it cannot be dropped.
- The implementation level of quest is based on the time of application. Although your level exceeds after application, the item will be given at the level of application.
- After accomplishing quest, you cannot reapply the quest until you receive item.
- Even though you die during the quest, quest can be continued.