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In case you have accidentally selected skill that you do not want, or if you wish to use other skills, you can reset your Rank Skills.

1) Rank Skill Resetter NPC’s

> The Slayers: Castle Octavus at the Holyland of Adam – NPC Irene, Castle Septimus – NPC Harold
> Vampires: Castle Tertius at the Holyland of Adam – NPC Beatrix, Castle Quartus – NPC Molok
> The Ousters: Castle Hexirius at the Holyland of Adam – NPC Nyshas, Castle Pentanius – NPC Lepree
2) Rank Skill Reset Method

You can follow the procedures below to reset your Rank Skills.
You can change your Rank Skills only once per stage – you cannot have additional changes.

< Reset Procedures >
a. Click one of the NPC’s mentioned above, and choose the “I would like to reset my Rank Skills” option.
b. Select the Rank with Rank Skills to reset.
    Reset cost varies depending on the Rank, so make sure you have sufficient funds.
c. Once you have selected the Rank, the final Rank Skill reset message appears.

※ You cannot reset upper tier Rank Skills, so be careful when you select Rank Skills.