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[ Occupation related TIP ]
The battle with peculiar life that has been evolved beyond the normal evolutionary life cycle of known organism made the modern tactic system against human begins and against normal firearms useless. Human beings came to have a battle with other human beings that move the speed of more than tens and hundreds of KM per hour or with other living things that are much smaller than themselves. This naturally brought about peculiarity to the battle, and under this new paradigm, new tactics and instructions were to be required. In particular, it is noted that the tactics, including the close combat using primitive adjacent weapons such as the sword, and the assistance of combatants with the ability of human ESP and spiritual power, bore fruitful results. STRADOC came to create and distribute the instruction manual for the branch of peculiar life, the code name FM21-S66. The origin of spiritual power such as human ESP and the occult of various religions including shamanism have yet been clearly investigated, but its accomplishment of increasing soldiers’ survival rate has been highly valued. Therefore, STRADOC selected the most efficient non-physical weapons and applied them to develop powdered small arms and other firearms.
- Definition and classification of FM21-S661 special branch -
It is the Knight branch that uses various kinds of swords, and is specialized in adjacent close combat. The branch is divided into two classes: the sword-man class that has an appropriate ability to both attack and to defend, and the blade-man class that is famous of enormous strength and destruction power. It is the branch that fights bravely at the front line by defending the colleagues, and the performance of the STR (strength) gives a great influence to fighting power. Many of skills they use are derived from the ancient military arts of famous Knights rather than modern close combat skills, which make the standardization difficult.
- Definition and classification of FM21-S662 special branch -
It is the branch that professionally deals with products of modern military skills including various guns and explosives. They are army who can freely use the tactical and strategic firearms developed for military operation against peculiar life, and in most cases, they are in charge of the brain of the party as they are accustomed to the traditional military system. Assistant firing from a remote distance and the installation of a mine in the expected infiltration route of the enemy are a good example of a gunman’s role in the party, which increases a radius of operation several times. DEX has a great influence to the fighting power and accuracy.
- Definition and classification of FM21-S663 special branch -
It is a special branch that uses a healing power secretly initiated from various religions. Clerics are dedicated to medical treatment and assistance. At present, the branch is divided into recovery class and the blessing class. The recovery class can completely cure the party members incapable of fighting, and the blessing class can optimize the capability of the members and detect/foresee malicious skills of vampires. Their capabilities are not clearly defined at present, but the Cleric that has long been trained tends to display a miraculous power. In order to assist a long battle, they need to practice the INT.