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July 2000. Several agents send a report on vampire activities. According to this report, vampires from around the globe have begun to gather in the “Helea” region to the north of Edonia, the capital city of the Republic of Eslania. Even the twelve clan Masters have begun gathering in this region, an unprecedented move in the history of vampires. Conflicts between clans escalate, and the Vatican senses a new danger looming.
Civilian casualty reaches a serious level as the civil war of the vampires spreads throughout Eslania. The Eslanian government hastily deploys armed forces, but they are no match for the power of vampires, vastly outnumbered. Many Eslanian soldiers fall and become blood slaves under the control of the vampires. In order to minimize the number of casualties, the Eslanian forces focus on evacuating the citizens, and, under strict confidentiality, hands the operation over to E.V.E., a counter-vampire taskforce.
The biggest accomplishment of E.V.E. is in the capture of a vampire POW during the first Counter-Vampire War. They interrogate the vampire and soon find out about the purpose of the clan’ gathering and the reason behind the vampire civil war. E.V.E. falls under a great shock as the vampire specifically mentions the mysterious vampric bible called the “Blood Bible”. The executives summoned at the Vatican orders E.V.E. to seek out and destroy this Blood Bible while maintaining the war.