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There will be flag war event in Temerie Holyland where beginner users can hunt exclusively.
Each Race has 20 flags and the location of flagstaffs are nearby Warp Zone.
All rules of the game are same as rules of flag war.
A Race collecting most flags within limited time win. Gemstone will be given in the flagstaff area of the winning Race.
We made a hunting ground where beginner users can hunt exclusively.
This hunting ground for beginner is Temerie Holyland, the area of Eslanian SW. Users who play our game first time are usually not familiar with the charm of Race battle, which can be the greatest feature of our game.
Also, beginners are often slaughtered by high level user of other Race in the field. Thus, we made a hunting ground where only beginners can hunt.
There has been a hunting ground for each Race, but there has been no hunting ground where hunting with same level users of other Races. Find charm of Race battle in this Temerie Holyland and try to hunt monster.
We are also preparing events for only low level users. Please keep your interest.
Temerie Holyland is located in the area of Eslanian SW. You can enter there through the entrance or directly warp through NPC in the village. If you warp, you will go to the designated place for each Race.
Level available to enter
Race Available level to enter
Slayer Total ability scores 150 and less
Vampire 30Lv and less
Ousters 30Lv and less
NPC available to enter
Race NPC
Slayer Salamander
Vampire Valeri
Ousters Lipatti