Someone has posted Test server download on CCV
Oct 9, 2009
Seriously? I mean, for real, NetShow gives you test accounts because he believes you want to play and test, I mean there is really not much left to test but some of you really want to play, so he gave you test accounts in confidence. The next thing I hear of is that someone has posted the download link on ccv forums betraying Netshows confidence in whoever posted it. I mean seriously, you are one selfish *******, there are so many deserving people who want test accounts but didn't get, now a few of you got and you can play and you go and mess it up. I heard from zeus that the poster was apoca, he says that he is probably one of the testers, I'm thinking it's either that, or someone is giving out information and such. We don't need un trustworthy people leaking our server information, sooner or later this person will try to get in good with netshow and gain access to source files and release those too! We can't let that happen! For the sake of one good Darkeden server, we must find this bastard and ban him!

See here is evidence, iupi goes around leetnetwork posting links to the download. It's not iupi's fault I don't think so don't blame him :).