The release date of DKLegend
Oct 10, 2009
Dear All,

We are pleased to inform you that DKLegend will officially open on October 17th, 2009 (GMT 13:00). At the current status we have already unofficially opened for a week exclusively for testers. In this following week's time, we will be sending ten test accounts to randomly selected forum members per day to aid us before the final opening of the server for testing purposes.

Throughout the past week, we have received numerous help from loyal DKers, some of which have even impressed myself, and all share a common goal as to creating the best, if not, the most enjoyable server of DarkEden in history. Our testers continue to work throughout the day to inspect the various races, weed out bugs, and overall to improve the server. Through our talented programmers, we have corrected over thirty major bugs (not including less minor bugs).

We have also recognized that DarkEden Legend will be a very diverse international community, and have received numerous requests as to aiding us in translation. Accurate and articulate detail has been provided for all props, maps, and NPCs in terms of translation of nearly more than five-thousand contents.

At DKLegend, we believe that this server will be unmatched in all respects, both in server speed as well as unprecedented game content. (NEW) Skills, maps, missions, beautiful UI will all be included in the final stage. This is guaranteed as we have purchased high-configuration servers (16 CPUs, 16 G of memory apiece).

Solely for this specific server, we have spent dozens of sleepless days (and nights), daily from 9AM throughout 4AM to provide you with the best server possible. We were scheduled to open on October 10th, however as we have received more testers, a number of bugs have been revealed to us, some of which the testers will conclude upon. In order to provide you with the best server possible, we sincerely apologize that the server opening will be delayed for a week. Within this following week, we will perfect the server to its final form.

We thank all future DKLegend players, for your sole support as it is what we rely on here to move forward.

Thank-you all for your cooperation and support.

DKLegend Team (October 9th, 2009)