Removal of censored chat/name
Oct 10, 2009
I've been talking to NS lately about this matter.
Since some other private server did the same thing (not specifically referring to THAT server) and was actually really successful cuz most players liked it.
Removal of the chat/name blockade between races would encourage more assisting in races, less pking, and more chatting (which is the part i like :D)
So, do you guys want the chat + name blockade between races to be removed?

Remove both - Remove both filter thingys. This allows free chatting between races, and also you can see the names of the players of the another race.
Remove only the chat censor - as title, allows free chatting between races.
Remove only the name blockade - as title, allows people to know who you're attacking or being attacked by.
Do not remove - keep it as the settings on an official server.

Just vote what you think, and don't be shy to leave a comment and share your ideas with us.