Tickets To Hellgarden
Oct 17, 2009
Hellgarden will be the only "premium" map.

Hell garden will require tickets to enter which can be found in game or bought from the market, they will be pretty cheap so don't worry.

The reason Netshow (DKLegend) has done this is because in the game there are a number of items that drop that would have no use otherwise on the server, so DKLegend decided to make a use for them.

This is what I could understand from what he has told me.

I don't really understand why everyone is blowing steam over this, I mean half of you won't be 160 for months and it's hard to train in HG even if you are 160.

Don't worry you heads over it guys you won't have to worry about HG for a LONG time. LOL.

Enjoy the server x.x