How to get a game account
Oct 18, 2009
Members of DKL,

Throughout the past few weeks the DKL has been through strenuous testing and improvement of the game overall, however, we are displeased to inform you that we cannot guarantee a 100% stability of the game, as new bugs are being exploited throughout the day (on top of the ever-continuing translations).

Currently, DKL will only allow forum ID members less than that of 500 to activate their accounts, enabling them to play on the server ([url][/url]), whilst obtaining an activation code is also possible for new account creation. To all registered users on the forum, both old and new, we welcome you and offer you a chance to experience the server along with its attached unique ‘Legend’ culture.

1. Once again, the DKL will release a calculated amount of activation codes per day, allowing an equal chance for any new members to parti****te.

2. In correlation with the fluids situation, our game operators will decide upon the acceptance of new forum accounts.

3. Regarding registering new accounts on the website ([url][/url]), your new account name is not required to match your name with that of the forum.

If your forum account ID number is less than that of 500 and are experiencing difficulties to register and/or logging into the game, please reply to this post and we will contact you individually to fix the problem.