Notice: [10-19-2009] Update on server settings
Oct 19, 2009
First of all I have to use this opportunity to thank all the players who joined our game. We're currently still working on bugs and stuff. If you're one of these who didn't get an account on time due to the registration limitation, please don't give up as the limitation is just going to be temporary.

The server has been launched for two days, and we've already experienced disconnection issues. We're trying to find ways to fix the problem. If you were one of the players who got disconnected during your gameplay, please accept our deepest apologies.

As the server settings are different from the test server, we literally didn't realize how fast players could gain a rank level and how fast pets level.

Under the setting of 10x rank exp, some players have reached rank 17 when they're lvl 80.
Under the setting of 10x pet exp, pets can level up to level 10 in less than 4 hours.

We've actually received some opinions from our players about these two types of experience points.

And after all, we're trying to create an environment that players really have to work hard and they'll get what they deserve, so we're planning to change the rates of these two types of exp.

Rank exp will be changed from 10x to 4x??Total rank exp will be recalculated as what 4x would be.
Pet exp will be changed from 10x to 2x, Total pet exp will be recalculated as what 2x would be.
[COLOR="Red"]Pet will not lost option. If pet level less than level 10,the attribute will not display. Don't worried,when level up 10, original attribute will go back again.[/COLOR]

Our server will be in maintenance for two hours to fix some bugs and to change the exp rates.

Thanks for all the support.