[EVENT]Revenge of the masters
Oct 3, 2016


Event Period: From October 3rd to Ortober 17th 2016


Event 1: Revenge of the Masters

We would like to introduce you our new 3 GMs ( [GM]Light, [GM]Blood and [GM]Nature), they will be active in game to guide you, help you and make you enjoy DKLegend even better. During this event period, there will be many Fake Evil GMs spawning around in field maps seeking for revenge, hunt them down and stop their diabolic plans. You will be certainly rewarded by a special box each time you kill one of them.

Random summon events will be help at each Perona by the new GMs, follow the GMs instructions to enjoy the event.


Event 2: Hell garden Festival

Since everyone liked this event, we will continue holding the Hell garden Festival during this event period. Hell Garden towers will be happy to give you 8x crosses each time you complete one of them. Make sure you take profit to the maximum.


Event 3: New Hijri Year 1438

Islamic Calendar depends on the movement of the moon, this is why, during this event, you will be able to drop Moon Crystals from monsters +/- 20 levels difference. Collect as much as you can, you will be amazed with what they can give you as reward!


Event 4: Gilles De Rais Trial  

Gilles De Rais, also known as Barbe-Bleu was a great knight lord then an army leader, but he also was knowsn for practicing sorcery and killing young children. During this time, you will be rewarded for killing the nasty Gilles De Rais by double, yes you will be getting 10 Ancient coins after clearing Gilles De Rais Lair instead of 5. (Only 10 random players inside the Lair will be rewarded, make sure you reduce the number of the participants in your way to enter the lair !

NB: The new GMs will be teleporting you to a random GDR per day every day during this event.


Event 5: Market charging bonus and prizes.  

-During this event, if you charge 10+ USD from our Market, you'll get 100% extra market points as a bonus and 150% bonus for 100+ USD charges. Not only that, you will be also rewarded for every charge made as follow:

You will receive 1 free Premium Lovely Gift Box as a reward for every 10~49 USD donations.

You will receive 1 free Amplification of Refined Stones box for every 50+ USD donations.


PS: The automatic charging through website due to some technical issues, please contact GM Badr for more information about the manual charging procedure.


Thank you for being part of the Biggest English Darkeden Community


For any anwanted losses, please do not join the event during maintenance. 


Best Wishes

DKLegend Team