[Apoligy]My Apology To Everyone
Oct 28, 2009
I would like to apologize to everyone about my usage of the eisen4 bug, and also the scamming case. Netshow has explained the rules to me in very detailed form and now i understand how unfair it is for everyone else to not able to have the same rare items as i have because it was a bug. i will not use it again as i have promised to netshow. And of course i was the first to use it therefore i understand why everyone blamed it all on me, im sorry. I am also sorry to anyone that i have been insulting and used some unnessary language, i only hope for a new start and everyone will forgive me for what i've done. I have realized that i was the one who was too stubborn to agree with anyones opinion, which was one of my biggest mistake in life and i will do my best to take my time to think over and try my best to respect everyone's opinion. Thank you all for understanding