[EVENT] Halloween Night: Trick or Treat Event
Oct 27, 2016

Dear loyal DKlegend players,


Its Halloween season and we have a treat for you! Dont miss the Halloween Night at Darkeden Legend, it will be the night you will never forget!


How to participate?

-Anyone online during the event time can participate.

-Once GMs gives the signal, the event starts.

-Follow the GMs instructions to participate to the event.

-GMs will announce a random map in Helea, you have to go there by yourself and discover what is waiting for you. It can be either Bosses than gives candies or bosses that will make you use them.

-Collect as much Blue/Red/Green candies as you can.

-Post a screenshot or a video on the Facebook Event Wall and make your friends vote for your post (likes).

-The post that gets the highest votes (likes) wins.


-In order to participate to this event, you must wear a Horus, Set, Maat, Osiris or Nut Armor/Coat (No Ra skins allowed). Anyone who doesn't do that will be kicked from the event.

-Don’t pm GMs during this event.

-No disrespectful actions or behavior against players or GMs.

-Any player that disturbs the event has to be aware that he will be kicked from the event or he may get banned for one day.

- The picture or the video posted on the Facebook Event wall should include the candies you won from this event (Not yellow candies).

-You will have 72 hours to attract as much votes as possible.


We will pick 5 winners that got the highest amount of votes, they will win a personalized Darkeden Legend Mug.

★Time and location:

Random maps at Monday 31 October, 2016 at 10:00 PM GMT+2 (After double exp hour).


Thank you for being part of the Biggest English Darkeden Community

Best Wishes


DKLegend Team