[EVENT]The Memorial of Ancient Times
Nov 10, 2016


History is something that has no place in the time we live now at this precise moment. It's the past, already gone. Yet, most of the times it defines who we truly are. Join us in this event and find out from who the inhabitants of Helea descend.


Dear Loyal DKlegend players, during this special event there will be a lot of things happening throughout Helea, and it's up to you that how to take the most out of it.


Event duration: From Nov 10, to Nov 24, 2016.


Event 1: Veterans Day

In honor to all the veterans in the world, Team DKLegend wants to celebrate this day by giving every player a free Converted S-Grade Hour Glass (3x Level experience for 1 hour) + Chaotic stone (13x level experience for 1 hour). You can obtain these by activating your premium card, relogging and then opening your daily gift or simply by opening your daily gift if you already have your premium card activated.


★Event 2: Enchanting success rate doubled

Legendary players, get your enchanting materials at the ready! During this event period, we'll be doubling the chances of success for all enchantments*.

Please note that the chances of success depends on the item rarity, the item grade, class, options and the enchanting items used. The Amplification of Refined stones are excluded from this event.


★Event 3: Treasure Hunt

The Ancient Ones -hunting quest. Small independent hunting events will be held all around the Helea each day. Awsome prizes to winners and interesting insight regarding the beginning of each race for everyone.

This event will start at Monday 14th November 2016, more information will be posted on our Facebook Page and Facebook Group.


★Event4: Hell Garden Festival

During this event perod, we will be holding the Hell garden Festival, the event that everyone have been waiting for. Hell Garden towers will be happy to give you 8x crosses and 4x chances to get Seeds each time you complete one of them. Make sure you take profit to the maximum, fully upgrade your set class or get the unique rewards from Hell Garden Seeds.


★Event 5: Cover the Mysterious boxes

“Mysterious Gift Boxes” will be dropped from monsters +/- 20 levels difference compared to yours. In order to open those boxes, you will need either a “Mysterious Silver Key” or a “Mysterious Gold Key”, which drops from the Ruper Island monsters. The Rewards from the Mysterious Gift boxes will be better if you open them using the Mysterious Gold Key.

Rewards using the Mysterious Silver Key:

Interpreter Fooder, Good Fortune fooder, Mighty fodder, Max Fodder, Light Smart Fooder, M Grade Hour glass, S Grade Hour glass, Red bird 2, Mistery Fancy injection,

Rewards using the Mysterious Gold Key:

Blue Bird 2, Blue Bird 2, Blue drop Edge, 1*Seven Fold, 3*Seven Fold, 1*Chaotic stone, 3*Chaotic stone, Ancient Jewel Box, Lovely Giftbox.


★Event 6: Footballs Hunt

The Ancient Golden monsters are still hiding a large amount of footballs, help us get those little shinny balls back. The golden bosses are waiting for you at Asylion Dungeon, IK Labs, Hilanom Sacred Ground and Waterways Dungeon, kill them to get the Footballs in order to exchange them in website and get several valuable items through this link:  www.dklegend.com/exchangefootball/selectworld


★Event 7: Gilles De Rais Trial

Gilles De Rais, also known as Barbe-Bleu was a great knight lord then an army leader, but he also was knowsn for practicing sorcery and killing young children. During this time, you will be rewarded for killing the nasty Gilles De Rais by double, yes you will be getting 10 Ancient coins after clearing Gilles De Rais Lair instead of 5. (Only 10 random players inside the Lair will be rewarded, make sure you reduce the number of the participants in your way to enter the lair!

There will be special GDR Free Rides at random times during this event, where GMs will be teleporting only low level players (novice players are honored during this event and might enjoy summon event inside the GDR Lair).


★Event 8: Meteorites Hunt

During this event period, many meteorites are falling from the sky, all you have to do is hunt them, find them and open them to get various pretty valuable items coming from other planets.

Rewards from Yellow Meteorites:

Greypey force scroll, Mir force scroll, Experience stone, Yellow drop 2, Yellow drop 3, Vision Ampul, Forbidden blood, Premium Card A, Yellow Candie.

Rewards from Red Meteorites:

Odin force scroll, Tituos force scroll, Seven fold, Lilith will, Lilith will 2, Sun Core, Premium Revival Set, Red Bird 2, Yellow Candie.

Rewards from Blue Meteorites:

Life force scroll, Accura force scroll, Chaotic stone, Lilith spirit 2, Lilith Drop 2, Blue Sun Edge, Blue Bird Sun 2, Blue Sun Shine, Yellow candie.


PS: The automatic charging through website due to some technical issues, please contact GM Badr for more information about the manual charging procedure.

Thank you for being part of the Biggest English Darkeden Community

For any unwanted losses, please do not join the event during maintenance.


Best Wishes


DKLegend Team