[EVENT]DKLegend Treasure Hunt
Nov 13, 2016


Small independent hunting events will be held all around the Helea each day. Awsome prizes to winners and interesting insight regarding the beginning of each race for everyone.


★How to play ?

Each day, go to www.dklegend.info/treasure page 

Read the current day event details

Fly in the suggested map(s) and gather the codes you will find 

Return to www.dklegend.info/treasure page and submit the codes 1 by 1



1. Each day will be a new Treasure Hunt Event, with new prizes and 3 winners.

2. Only 3 winning codes per day.

3. First 3 players that bring the winning codes will win. (You can win only once per day, but you can win everyday).

4. Pay atention on event description as will give you hints about its Location (in what maps to hunt and what to hunt).

5. Submit the codes with one (single) character.



You can win various prizes during this event, such as Amplification of Refined stones, Dracuka Pet injection, Yellow Drop 3, Red Vapor, Blue Vapor, Blue Crystals, Ra Class Box, Premium Lovely Gift box, Riddle Box, Treasures of the Pyramid box, lilith drop 2, Red bird 2, Seven folds, Chaotic stones, 



This event will be opened from Monday 14th Nov to Sunday 20th Nov 2016.


PS: The prizes will be distributed 72 hours after the last event's day.


Read all The Memorial of Ancient Times Events details here : http://www.dklegend.com/news/read/1303


DKlegend Team reserves all rights to the final interpretation of this event, its rules, and its entries.


Best Wishes 

DKLegend Team