[NOTICE]New DKLegend Forums & Event
Feb 7, 2017


We are thrilled to announce our new responsive design and community forums! We have made many enhancements that will improve your experience connecting with our community from all over the world. Sign up now! www.DKLegend.info 


The new design enables for a better reading experience on mobile devices, and also gives you access to forum-related information right on the homepage.


DKLegend forums are a place to connect with the community and the Game Masters, to share ideas, and to give and receive support. Youll find topics related to:

·         In-game and Social media events;

·         DKLegend news, updates, adjustments and schedules;

·         General discussion (common forum and a forum for each race);

·         Suggestions, Bugs reports, common market;

·         Gallery, new users introductions and off topic subjects.



To set up a DKLegend Forum, follow those steps:

1.       Click on the “Register” link at the top right-hand corner of the site.

2.       Read the registration agreement then accept it.

3.       On the register page, enter a username, your email address, your race (at least your favorite one), your character name and your password (it should be different than the game and website password you are using for DKLegend)

4.       Write the Capcha code and answer to the Darkeden related questions.

5.       Then hit “Register.”


Forum Event : Create a DKLegend themed meme!



-Post your DKLegend themed memes in this topic:  http://www.dklegend.info/index.php?topic=139.0 

-The best will be published on the DKLegend official Facebook page (have you already liked it?), and the creator will receive 2 Chaotic stones for each created DKLegend Meme with 5 and more likes (Forum likes). (Limited to 5 entries per player).

- You can post as many memes as you want. The more you create, the more chances you'll have!

-Invite your friends to like your memes and also post theirs.

- Memes with inappropriate content will be discarded.




Creating a DKLegend Meme is very simple: just search on Google for a meme generator and give free rein to your imagination and your sense of humor!



January 31th to February 28th, 2017.



2 Chaotic stones for each created DKLegend Meme with 5 and more likes (Forum likes). (Limited to 5 entries per player).

Extra reward: A Gold Pet Box will be given to the 3 first Meme posts the highest likes


Best wishes

DKLegend Team