[EVENT]The Scavenger Hunt Event
Feb 27, 2017


DKLegend will make you live a hectic time of earnings and adventures with the most enjoyable hunting events where a multitude of prizes will be offered. Make a good party and start the hunt in groups!


Event Period: From 27th February to 13th March 2017


Event 1: Footballs Hunt is back!

The Ancient Golden monsters are still hiding a large amount of footballs, help us get those little shinny balls back. The golden bosses are waiting for you at Asylion Dungeon, IK Labs, Hilanom Sacred Ground and Waterways Dungeon, kill them to get the Footballs in order to exchange them in website and get several valuable items through this link:  www.dklegend.com/exchangefootball/selectworld


★ Event 2: Cover the Mysterious boxes

“Mysterious Gift Boxes” will be dropped from monsters +/- 20 levels difference compared to yours. In order to open those boxes, you will need either a “Mysterious Silver Key” or a “Mysterious Gold Key”, which drops from the Ruper Island monsters. The Rewards from the Mysterious Gift boxes will be better if you open them using the Mysterious Gold Key.


★ Event 3: Hell Garden Festival

During this event period, we will be holding the Hell garden Festival, the event that everyone have been waiting for. Hell Garden towers will be happy to give you 8x crosses and 4x chances to get Seeds each time you complete one of them. Make sure you take profit to the maximum, fully upgrade your set class or get the unique rewards from Hell Garden Seeds.


★ Event 4: Hunt the evil GMs

During this event period, there will be many Fake Evil GMs spawning around in field maps seeking for revenge, hunt them down and stop their diabolic plans. You will be certainly rewarded by a special box each time you kill one of them.


★ Event 5: Ancient Rare Box hunt

During this event period, the following bosses will be dropping the “Ancient Rare Box”: Sius, Keeper, Awakned Tepez, Awakned Bathory. Open the Ancient Rare box to get several rare items or even Ancient coins.


★ Event 6: Booming Cases hunt

All you have to do during this event is hunt with your friends « The Booming Cases » all over the Helea maps from all monsters +/- 20 levels compared to your character, open them and get several mysterious items such as forbidden bloods, 13x stones, 7x stones, enchanting items, Mistery Fancy injection etc.…


What are you waiting to start the hunt!

Best of luck, and thank you for your continued interest in DKLegend!


DKLegend Team