[UPDATE]The Rage of the Forgotten
Apr 1, 2017


The ancient children's scetch-books that were found in the ruins of Eslanian's Public Library turned out to be much more than fictive drawings made for children. The lingering evil that existed once, long time ago, now reigns in the realm once again. Only few knows where they come from - but if you are smart enough you will be using your time on no such foolish questions but, instead, on pondering how to survive the following times to come.


Update 1: New field bosses added

Discover the new Field-Bosses added on DKLegend:


Cursed Zentis

He was once known as a mighty warrior like his brother deep in the caves of Ruper Island. But he wanted to prove himself to be the greatest in all Helea so he traveled to the lair of an elder acid dragon. He was beaten, he was tortured and gone for a long time. But now hes back, angrier and more fearsome than ever.

Spawn time and place: Every 2 hours at Ruper Island.

Rewards: JC-able high grade items with random options.


Cursed Ulrayiry

One might think that a creature so small and fragile, when compared to their stronger cousins, would be an easy kil. Well, think again. Ulrayiry was known for two things; their never-ending greed and for their mind that is sharper than any nail on a dragons claw.

Spawn time and place: Every 2 hours at Perona SE.

Rewards: Enchanting items (including Amplification of Refined drop), 201 and 211 skills.


Kord Omenesk

-He was known as a cautious warlord back in his days. Little did he expect for his closest ranking generals to suddenly betray him and chase him to exile. As time went by he started recruiting his own soldiers, arming them up with enough firepower and gear to fence off any approaching intruders.

Spawn time and place: Every 2 hours at Tunnel Level 3.

Rewards: JC-able high grade items with random options.


And we have also added more bosses in other places:

Great Ruffian will be spawning at Eslanian Dungeon every 15 minutes.

Great Ruffian will be spawning at the Dungeon of Castle Limbo every 15 minutes.

Great Ruffian will be spawning at Raohm Dungeon B3F every 15 minutes.

Great Ruffian will be spawning at Hilanom Sacred Ground every 15 minutes.

Great Ruffian will be spawning at Tunnel Level 2 every 15 minutes.

Awakened Bathory will be spawning at Bathory Dungeon B4F every 15 minutes.

Awakened Tepez will be spawning at Garble Dungeon every 15 minutes.


Update 2: Zentis Dungeon Enhancement

The Zentis Dungeon was known as a place of danger and excitement. But years went by and the habitants of Helea grew so strong that Zentis Dungeon was no longer seen as a place worthy of going. This made Zentis talk to his accursed older brother who then gave him a share from the old, now beheaded, master of the Dragon Lair where he used to be tortured.

The improved treasure you can scavenge by first defeating Zentis in the last floor of his dungeon. A lot of new shiny treasures can be found; including lots of enchanting items, Amplification Stones, Geld Checks, Experience Stones, Liliths, etc.

The new Sweet Topfs Rewards will be spawning for every certain number of old Topfs killed.


Update 3: Old maps renewal

While the population of DKLegend keeps growing and leveling places deems to get more crowded, it is more than understandable how some of the players grew restless and feel the castles walls pressing in.

We are glad to announce that we have opened a vast amount of new leveling places for all the members of Helea to practice their martial and magical skills in. Its time to sharpen your nails, claws and chakrams and ready yourself for the waves of monsters lurking in various new places. Amongst others the following maps were changed:

Waterways Dungeon
Eslania Dungeon
Limbo Dungeon
Raohm dungeon B3F
Hilanom sacred ground
Clan Castle Dungeons
Menegroth B6 (Racial map)

Tunnel Level 2
Bathory Dungeon B4F
Garble Dungeon


Update 4: Gilles De Rais hates weakness

Rais has realized he no longer possess such a threat to the intruders of his lair than what he used to. So he has created and recruited stronger and more fearsome allies to defend the entrance to his home.

Strong creatures will be preventing you from going inside the lair easily.


Update 5: Old monsters, better rewards

Some of the Veteran bosses felt thirsty but lacking any combatant worthy of their teeth to bite in. Therefore, they improved their belonging to be more alluring. From now on every time you manage to defeat a Sius, Morgoth or Gusion you have a chance of obtaining a 201 or 211 Skill Book.


Update 6: Online reward system

While the power of the Heleas habitants keep constantly growing, it is time to bring motivation to level up for a totally new level. The following changes were made to motivate players to make themselves known and the monsters of Helea to be afraid:

- Added Oops event to level 151+ (boxes may give Ancient Coins too besides enchanting items, experience stones etc...).

- Increased the ratio of getting Ancient Coins from lairs Pendants and Beads by exchanging them at the NPCs (Tepez, Bathory and GDR).

- Increased the ratio of getting Ancient Coins from the Veiled Artifact (Gambling NPC item which you can buy from Perona NPCs).

- The online reward system to get free Ancient Coins now comes to level 351+ only.


Update 7: Balance adjustments

A lot of balance adjustments were done to maintain the satisfaction of all the loyal players of DKLegend. And we are constantly checking on things to ensure the maximum satisfaction of every race and class. 


We thank you for all your support and interest toward the biggest English Darkeden community.


Best wishes 

DKLegend Team