[EVENT]Easter & Spring Events
Apr 6, 2017


Ah, doesnt springtime makes you think of bright, happy things like cherries hunts, sunshine, fresh rain showers and bunnies? Obviously, it makes us think of those things, which is why were holding two weeks long extravaganza of spring-themed events while celebrating Easter holidays!


Event Period: 6th to 20th April 2017.


Event 1: Violet Rabbit

Easter is here, and there's no better way to celebrate the holiday than a tribute to the Easter Bunny, Darkeden Legend will let you enjoy the new Violet Bunny Buffs from the Violet Rabbit NPC placed at each Perona.


Event 2: Cherries everywhere!

During the event period, enjoy hunting the Small Cherry & Lovely Cherry from monsters with +/- 20 levels difference.


Event 3: Double time, no, triple time!

During the event period, enjoy the double rates on (during the weekends only):

-3x rates on Level experience

-3x rates on Rank experience

-3x rates on Pet experience


Event 4: Zentis Festival

During this event period, you can enjoy 90 seconds (instead of 30) of Zentis Dungeon Last floor. Get the maximum of the rewards from the new Topfs and the new Sweet Topfs as fast as you can!

PS: The Sweet Topfs will spawn after each certain amount of Topfs killed.


Event 5: Hell Garden Festival

During this event, you will be able to get 8x Hell Garden crosses from HG1 to HG10. Make sure you bring a good party in order to survive at the higher level floors.


Event 6: Market Discounts & extra Bonus!

During this event, you'll get 40% extra market points as reward for your first order and then 20% extra bonus for the next ones. The Bonus is applicable for charges using Paypal and Western Union.


Enjoy the discounts on our market:

50% price drop on the common passive skills.

20% price drop on the gambling market boxes.

Gambling Market Boxes: Gold Pet Box, Amplification of Refined Stone Box, Premium Lovely Gift Box, Shinning Will Box, Shining Drop Box, Shinning Spirit Box, Shining Blue Spirit Box, Shinning Blue Sun Bird 2 Box and Riddle Box. 


PS: For charges, please refer to our GMs help for guidance, the automatic charging through website is currently closed due to some technical issues.


Thank you for being part of the Biggest English Darkeden Community

Best wishes and Happy Easter


DKLegend Team