[EVENT]The Experiments
Apr 25, 2017


The leaders of E.V.E. understands the continuous threats from the Doctor Hydes experiments brings to their race but at the same time they cant feel anything but determined to continue their researchs funding. Discover the newest results of Dr.Hydes laboratory through those awesome events:



Event period: 22th April to 6th May 2017


Event 1: The Silverlight

Discover the first of the huge collection of immensely powerful objects tied to different aspects of the universe, created by Doctor Hyde directly from Genesys genome: the Silverlight Magic Cubes are dropped from the Underground Laboratories monsters. Find them and open them to get several valuable items.


Rewards from the Silverlight Magic Cube:

Elixir Scroll, Yellow Candy, Lilith drop, Lilith Spirit, Lilith Will, Blue Drop Edge, Seven Fold, Blue Drop Shine, Chaotic Stone, Yellow Drop 3, Summon of EV-1 (For slayers), Summon of Lamia (For vampires), Summon of Reira (For ousters).



Event 2: Meteorites Box

During this event period, meteorites will not only be falling from the sky, but Dr. Hyde assembled all of them to make this new wonder: the Meteorite Box. Find the meteorites and the meteorites boxes and open them to get various pretty valuable items coming from other planets. They will be dropped from all monsters with +/- 20 levels difference from yours.


Rewards from the Yellow Meteorites:

Greypey force scroll, Mir force scroll, Experience stone, Yellow drop 2, Yellow drop 3, Vision Ampul, Forbidden blood, Premium Card A, Yellow Candie.


Rewards from the Red Meteorites:

Odin force scroll, Tituos force scroll, Seven fold, Lilith will, Lilith will 2, Sun Core, Premium Revival Set, Red Bird 2, Yellow Candie.


Rewards from the Blue Meteorites:

Life force scroll, Accura force scroll, Chaotic stone, Lilith spirit 2, Lilith Drop 2, Blue Sun Edge, Blue Bird Sun 2, Blue Sun Shine, Yellow candie.


Rewards from the Meteorite Box:


Elixir Scroll, Yellow Candy, Plumy Boars seal, Lost Ordnance (For slayers), Vampiric Core (For vampires), Ancient Remain (For ousters), Key of Disilusion, Injury Leather, Key Of Abyss, Key Of Chaos, Key Of Oblivion, Key Of Circulation, Key Of Voidness.



Event 3: Eisen Dungeon 

Back in the days, everyone used to hunt those Astrals for a nice contract written by aliens themselves. Today, you will have to do it again, Doctor Hyde and his experiments made aliens make new contract that will make your heart stop. What are you waiting for? Dont forget that a disillusion key is needed to enter the Astrals room as well as the secret words, that, only if you find the secret Eisen Room first.


Contract of White Astral Blood:

INT+5  / MP(EP) Regeneration+3 /all resistance+7

INT+6  / MP(EP) Regeneration+3 /all resistance+9

INT+7  / MP(EP) Regeneration+3 /all resistance+11

INT+8  / MP(EP) Regeneration+5 /all resistance+13

INT+9  / MP(EP) Regeneration+5 /all resistance+15

INT+11 / MP(EP) Regeneration+5 /all resistance+17

INT+13 / MP(EP) Regeneration+7 /all resistance+19

INT+15 / MP(EP) Regeneration+7 /all resistance+19


Contract of Black Astral Blood:

STR+5  / HP Regeneration+3 / Dmg+5

STR+6  / HP Regeneration+3 / Dmg+6

STR+7  / HP Regeneration+3 / Dmg+7

STR+8  / HP Regeneration+5 / Dmg+8

STR+9  / HP Regeneration+5 / Dmg+9

STR+11 / HP Regeneration+5 / Dmg+11

STR+13 / HP Regeneration+7 / Dmg+13

STR+15 / HP Regeneration+7 / Dmg+15



Event 4: Experience boost

We know that you cant complete those new challenges opened by Doctor Hyde unless you have a decent level, this is why you will be pleased to enjoy double experience rates during weekends:

-2x level experience

-2x rank experience

-2x pet experience



Event 5: Market bonus.

During this event period, all market points charges will have a 25% guaranteed bonus.


PS: For charges, please refer to our GMs help for guidance, the automatic charging through website is currently closed due to some technical issues.


Best wishes

DKLegend Team