[Update]Add "OneClick Attack" feature
Oct 30, 2009
It is good news. We have added a useful feature in the game. It is called "OneClick Attack".

I'll make some ScreenShot to show how to use this feature.

1.Setting the Hotkey for "OneClick Attack"
a.You can choose the "Option"->"ShortCut" when the game client start.there has an option ,you can set the ShortCut.
b.You can press "ESC" key and choose "Option"->"ShortCut" to set the hot key.

2.Active the feature first by press "Ctrl+J" , When you are killing monsters,you can hit monster last one second or more than two click. the attack will auto go on. If you want to stop,you can try to use other skills or click other place.


3.You can deactive the feature by press "Ctrl+J"