[EVENT]Magic May
May 9, 2017


DKLegend will make you live a magical time of earnings and adventures with the most enjoyable hunting events where a multitude of prizes will be offered. Make a good party and start the hunt in groups!


Event period: 9th to 23th May 2017


Event 1: Lovely Gift boxes

DKLegend Team is showing their love to their loyal players by re-opening the most loved event: the Lovely Gift Boxes drop everywhere from monsters +/- 20 levels difference of yours with a high drop ratio.


★Event 2: Premium Boost

During this event period, you will be enjoying double premium bonus:

3x Level Experience Ratio instead of 1.5x

4x Rank Experience Ratio instead of 2x

4x Pet Experience Ratio instead of 2x

4x lucky drops instead of 2x


★Event 3: Homecoming

During this event period, you will be getting a free Chaotic stone and five free Elixir Scrolls every day from the daily premium rewards. Use them wisely!


Event 4: Hell Garden Festival

During this event period, we will be holding the Hell garden Festival, the event that everyone have been waiting for. Hell Garden towers will be glad to give you 12x crosses and 6x chances to get Seeds each time you complete one of them. Make sure you take profit to the maximum, fully upgrade your set class or get the unique rewards from Hell Garden Seeds.


Event 5: Summons, giveaway and steaming

Sunday, 14th May 2017, DKLegend GMs team will be holding an outstanding summons and giveaway event while our loyal players will be shooting and streaming DKLegend videos! Dont miss this event, there will be a lot of free prizes distributed!

More information about this event will be posted on our Facebook Page!



Best wishes

DKLegend Team