May 13, 2017


Event period: This event will be during Sunday 14th May 13, 2017


Event 1: Monsters invasion & giveaway

During Sundays Bibles war, GMs will summon some evil monsters to make your bibles seeking even more fun. Not only that, GMs will announce to be giving free rewards for players that are holding a certain bible for a certain time (E.g: whoever holds Gregori for 15 minutes will get a free set of 10 Amplification if refined stones).


Event 2: Streaming & Raffle Event

To be able to make new players discover Darkeden Legend, we will be collaborating with a streamer on Twitch (feel free to contact us if you are Twitch Steamer or a YouTube Partner and interested in doing that as well).

During this stream, there will be a raffle to reward 20 players from the Streaming viewers. Which means you have a better chance to win better items the longer you are active and watching the stream. The Raffle Event will start 1 hour after Bibles war (after the 2x exp hour).


Raffle participation rules:

1-Make a twitch account on: www.twitch.tv

2-Follow this channel: www.twitch.tv/the_amazing_joey

3-Once the stream is live, type: !raffle  in the chat and you will be automatically registered in the raffle pool.

4-The streamer will pause for 20 random occasions to draw a random winner.

5-The winner will have to pick a prize from the prizes list.

6-If you win a second time, you wont be able to choose the same prize.

7-No disrespectful actions or behavior.

8-You must be following the channel and watching the live stream to be picked as a winner.

9-DKlegend Team reserves all rights to the final interpretation of this event, its rules, and its entries.


Rewards list:

Amplification Stone of refined Box

Shining Blue Crystal Box

Premium Lovely Gift Box

Shinning Blue Sun Bird 2 Box

Shining Lilith Drop Box


PS: You can install Twitch App on your mobile phone if you can't use it at the same time as player Darkeden Legend. 

For Android devices: link

For IOS devices: link

For more information about what Twitch is, please watch this video:



Event 3: Exp Boost

Right after the Sundays bibles war, there will be a boost in Exp rate for everyone!

You will be enjoying 4x EXP RATIO for 1 hour of in-game double EXP time.

Ps: This ratio bonus can stack with the already on-going Exp event and will last for only 1 hour so dont miss it!


Event 4: GM Radio

During the streaming, GMs will join the Twitch channel in a voice chat for 1 hour and will be answering the players questions, suggestions, they will also give a sneak peek of the upcoming updates on Darkeden Legend. There will be some good surprises, dont miss it!


Event 5: Mothers Day Market Bonus

To celebrate the mothers day this Sunday, we will be giving you a 50% bonus on all the purchased market points during Sunday 14th May.

This event can stack with the ongoing market event: The Wheel of Wealth and will be available only Sunday 14th May.

PS: For charges, please refer to our GMs help for guidance, the automatic charging through website is currently closed due to some technical issues.


Best wishes

DKLegend Team