[EVENT]The Sacred Month of Ramadan
May 26, 2017


Ramadan, the period of mental, physical and spiritual elevation, is celebrated throughout the world. Indeed this auspicious time is also honored in Darkeden Legend, to celebrate the sacred month of Ramadan, we have prepared some events for you which we hope you will be enjoying.


Event Period: From 26th May to 24th June 2017


Event 1: The Crescent of Ramadan

Hunt the “Moon crystals” in a form of a Crescent to get several of items. The “Moon Crystals” will be dropped from Dracula Castle, Lacoste Castle, Underground Lab and Ruper Island monsters.

Rewards from the Moon Crystals: Rice Cake of Knowledge, Rice Cake of Agility, Rice Cake of Strength, Rice Cake of Acceleration, Megaphone 1, Megaphone 2, Seven Fold, Chaotic Stone, Hour Glass M, Premium Card A, Blue Bird 2, Blue Drop Shine, Blue Drop Edge.


Event 2: Double Joy time!

Enjoy the following double experience events during weekends:

-Level experience

-Rank experience

-Pet experience


Event 3: Market charging bonus.

During this event, if you charge 10+ USD from our Market, you'll get a 25% extra market points as reward and if you charge 100+ USD you will get a 40% extra market points as reward. The Bonus is applicable for charges using PayPal and Western Union. This event is applied at the same time as the Wheel of Wealth Market Event.


PS: For charges, please refer to our GMs help for guidance, the automatic charging through website is currently closed due to some technical issues.


May all your prayers be answered on this Ramadan!



Happy Ramadan

DKLegend Team