[EVENT]Hot Weekend
Jul 7, 2017


Dark Eden Legend will make you live a hectic time of earnings and adventures with the most enjoyable hunting events where a multitude of prizes will be offered. Make a good party and start to hunt and level up!


Event Period: From 7th 10th July, 2017.


Event 1: EXP Boost

Dark Eden Legend will be hosting a TRIPLE EXP event. Players will receive 3X LEVEL UP EXP during all this event period. So, if you've got a character that needs some levelling up, this would be the perfect time to do it!


Event 2: Hell Garden Festival

During this event period, we will be holding the Hell Garden Festival, the event that everyone have been waiting for to come back! Hell Garden towers will give you 12x crosses and 12x chances to get Seeds each time you complete one of them. Make sure you take profit to the maximum, fully upgrade your set class or get the unique rewards from Hell Garden Seeds!


Event 3: Market Points Bonus

The Dark Eden Hot Week End Sale has begun. From now until this events end you'll get 30% extra Market Points with every purchase starting from 10,00$!

PS1: This event bonus stacks with the current market event “Summer Holiday

PS2: For charges, please refer to our GMs help for guidance, the automatic charging through website is currently closed..


Best wishes

Dark Eden Legend Team