[EVENT]Tropical Fest
Jul 31, 2017


With summer passing along cheerfully, Dark Eden Legend team prepared wonderful series of special events to let you enjoy tropical kind of summer holidays!


Event Period: From 31th July to 14th August 2017


Event 1: Football Hunt

The Football Hunt Event is back but this time with better rewards! The Ancient Golden monsters are still hiding a large amount of footballs, help us get those little shinny balls back. The golden bosses are waiting for you at Asylion Dungeon, IK Labs, Hilanom Sacred Ground and Waterways Dungeon, kill them to get the Hooligan Soccer Balls in order to exchange them in website and get several valuable items through this link:  www.dklegend.com/exchangefootball/selectworld


Blue Crystal = 3 Hooligan Soccer Balls

Blue Bird Sun 2 = 10 Hooligan Soccer Balls

Chaotic Stone = 20 Hooligan Soccer Balls

Lilith Drop 2 = 30 Hooligan Soccer Balls

Ordinis Vapor Red = 50 Hooligan Soccer Balls

Amplification Stone of refined = 100 Hooligan Soccer Balls

Ordinis Vapor Blue = 500 Hooligan Soccer Balls

Gold pet Box = 2000 Hooligan Soccer Balls



Event 2: Meteorites Hunt

During this event period, many meteorites are falling from the sky, all you have to do is hunt them, find them and open them to get various pretty valuable items coming from other planets.

Rewards from Yellow Meteorites:

Greypey force scroll, Mir force scroll, Experience stone, Yellow drop 2, Yellow drop 3, Vision Ampul, Forbidden blood, Premium Card A, Yellow Candie.

Rewards from Red Meteorites:

Odin force scroll, Tituos force scroll, Seven fold, Lilith will, Lilith will 2, Sun Core, Premium Revival Set, Red Bird 2, Yellow Candie.

Rewards from Blue Meteorites:

Life force scroll, Accura force scroll, Chaotic stone, Lilith spirit 2, Lilith Drop 2, Blue Sun Edge, Blue Bird Sun 2, Blue Sun Shine, Yellow candie.



Event 3: Cherries hunt!

During the event period, enjoy hunting the Small Cherry & Lovely Cherry from monsters with +/- 20 levels difference.

Rewards from Small Cherry:

Rainbow Candy, Normal Uni-Key, Elixir scroll, Prem Card A, Class skill initialization item, Ice Capsule, Shock Capsule, Diet Capsule, Blast of evasion, Blast of Falcon, Blast of Assault, Blast of Mana, Blast of Vitality.

Rewards from Lovely Cherry:

Rainbow Candy, Normal Uni-Key, Elixir scroll, Prem Card A, Class skill initialization item, Ice Capsule, Shock Capsule, Diet Capsule, Bind Of Blood, Bind Of Patience, Bind Of Spirit.



Event 4: Enchanting success rate doubled

Legendary players, get your enchanting materials at the ready! During this event period, we'll be doubling the chances of success for all enchantments*.

*Please note that the chances of success depends on the item rarity, the item grade, class, options and the enchanting items used. The Amplification of Refined stones are excluded from this event.



Event 5: The legend of the Lycans

Lycans are in control of themselves, whatever from they are in. They are planners who dont kill someone unless they have a grudge or they need information. Lately, there has been a huge carnage at Ruper Island, the land of the lycans. They were trying to get hold of the secret of vampires immortality. Only you can stop their evil plan, kill their king, as known as Sius and you will be certainly rewarded.

Lycan mane will be dropped more often at Ruper Island, use it to summon the king, then kill him. You can get various rewards from Sius besides the wearable items and articles, such as Yellow Drop 3, Lilith Will 2, Lilith Spirit 2, Lilith Drop 2, Blue Drop Shine, Blue Drop Edge, Blue Crystal, Blue Bird 2 and 211 active skills books.



Event 6: Market Fever is back + Market Points Bonus!

During this event period, for every confirmed purchase of 3 gambling boxes (same type) from DKLegend Market, you will get the 4th one for free! Claim your prize by sending a private message to GM Badr with your character name and the name of the gambling box purchased with a screenshot in game + screenshot in market.

DKLegend Team will be also rewarding you for all purchased market points by giving you a 25% bonus for all charges starting from 10$.

The gambling boxes included in this event are: Gold Pet Box, Amplification of Refined Stone Box, Premium Lovely Gift Box, Shinning Will Box, Shining Drop Box, Shinning Spirit Box, Shining Blue Spirit Box, Shinning Blue Sun Bird 2 Box and Riddle Box.


PS: For charges, please refer to our GMs help for guidance, the automatic charging through website is currently closed due to some technical issues.



Best Wishes

Dark Eden Legend Team