[EVENT]Hot Weekend
Aug 12, 2017

For those times when you want to stay inside and play, a lineup of Dark Eden Legend Summer events will help keep you entertained inside and forget the burning sun out there.


Event period: From 12th to 14th August 2017


★ Event 1: EXP Boost

During this event period, enjoy the Triple EXP rates daily:

-3x Level experience

-3x Rank experience

-3x pet experience


★ Event 2: Hell Garden Towers of Joy

During this event period, we will be holding the Hell garden Festival, the event that everyone have been waiting for. Hell Garden towers will be happy to give you 8x crosses and 4x chances to get Seeds each time you complete one of them.

Make sure you take profit to the maximum, fully upgrade your set class or get the unique rewards from Hell Garden Seeds!


★ Event 3: Summer Market Bonus

During this event, you'll get 50% extra market points as reward for your first order and then 30% extra bonus for the next ones. The Bonus is applicable for charges using PayPal and Western Union.

PS1: For charges, please refer to our GMs help for guidance, the automatic charging through website is currently closed due to some technical issues.

PS2: The applied bonus does not stack with theTropical Fest Market Event's bonus. 


★Read also about the Tropical Fest Events: http://www.dklegend.com/news/read/1344 and the upcoming tournament: http://www.dklegend.com/news/read/1345


Best wishes

Dark Eden Legend Team