[EVENT]The Last days of Summer Holidays
Aug 18, 2017


The Summer Events return for more fun in the sun! This time, we're celebrating the end of summer holidays by letting you enjoy a bunch of in-game events!


Event period: From 18th August to 4th September 2017.


Event 1: The Silverlight

Discover the first of the huge collection of immensely powerful objects tied to different aspects of the universe, created by Doctor Hyde directly from Genesys genome: the Silverlight Magic Cubes are dropped from the Underground Laboratories monsters. Find them and open them to get several valuable items.


Rewards from the Silverlight Magic Cube: Elixir Scroll, Yellow Candy, Lilith drop, Lilith Spirit, Lilith Will, Blue Drop Edge, Seven Fold, Blue Drop Shine, Chaotic Stone, Yellow Drop 3, Summon of EV-1 (For slayers), Summon of Lamia (For vampires), Summon of Reira (For ousters).


Event 2: Bloody Boxes

Despite being one of the oldest and most prevalent creatures, the origin of vampires has remained unknown for thousands of years. The Twelve Vampires Masters have always been claiming that only a vampire could create a vampire, but what if there is another way?

Whispers from the secret agents of E.V.E in coordination with the Natures protectors have given few indices of an ancient case so called the Bloody Box! It may contain secrets of not only vampires creation but maybe all the living creatures.

Find those Bloody Boxes, you will be certainly rewarded every time you open one, seek for the real story of your races creation or at least contribute in its evolution. You can find them by killing monsters +/- 20 levels different from yours.


Rewards from the Bronze Bloody Box: Rainbow Candy, Normal Uni-Key, Elixir scroll, Lilith Drop, Lilith spirit, Lilith will, Blue Drop Edge, Blue Drop Shine, Blue Bird 2, Seven Fold, Chaotic Stone.

Rewards from the Silver Bloody Box: Rainbow Candy, Normal Uni-Key, Elixir scroll, Lilith Drop 2, Lilith spirit 2, Lilith will 2, Blue Drop Sun Edge, Blue Sun Shine, Yellow Drop 3, Seven Fold, Chaotic Stone.

Rewards from the Gold Bloody Box: Rainbow Candy, Normal Uni-Key, Elixir scroll, Blue Sun Bird 2, Blue Crystal, Amplification of Refined Stone, Chaotic Stone, Mistery fancy, Brooch Kamilra.


★ Event 3: Sweet Zentis

During this event period, you can enjoy 90 seconds (instead of 45) of Zentis Dungeon Last floor. Get the maximum of the rewards from the new Topfs and the new Sweet Topfs as fast as you can!

PS: The Sweet Topfs will spawn after each certain amount of Topfs killed.


★ Event 4: Meteorites Box

During this event period, meteorites will not only be falling from the sky, but Dr. Hyde assembled all of them to make this new wonder: the Meteorite Box. Find the meteorites and the meteorites boxes and open them to get various pretty valuable items coming from other planets. They will be dropped from all monsters with +/- 20 levels difference from yours.


Rewards from the Meteorite Box: Elixir Scroll, Yellow Candy, Plumy Boars seal, Lost Ordnance (For slayers), Vampiric Core (For vampires), Ancient Remain (For ousters), Key of Disilusion, Injury Leather, Key Of Abyss, Key Of Chaos, Key Of Oblivion, Key Of Circulation, Key Of Voidness.


Event 5: EXP Boost

During this event period, enjoy the Double EXP rates daily:

-2x Level experience

-2x Rank experience

-2x pet experience



 Event 6: Hot Market deals

During this event period, for every confirmed purchase of 1 Hot Item from Dark Eden Legend Market, you will get the 2nd one for free! Claim your prize by sending a private message to GM Badr with your character name and the name of the gambling box purchased with a screenshot in game + screenshot in market.

Dark Eden Legend Team will also be rewarding you for all purchased market points by giving you a 30% bonus for all charges starting from 10$.

The Hot Items included in this event are: Core Zaps, Multi packs (2x4, 4x6, 10x6), Aura stones, Ordinis Vapors, Crystals of Oblivion, and Normal Uni-Keys.


PS: For charges, please refer to our GMs help for guidance, the automatic charging through website is currently closed due to some technical issues.


Best Wishes

Dark Eden Legend Team