[Event]Invitation reward
Nov 2, 2009
As promised as before, we’re finally distributing the market reward points to our faithful players.

Date: 2009-11-02 till 2009-12-02

Reward: 500 market points per character that reaches level 70 in each account made with an activation code (maximum of 1 reward per activation code)

Market points in total: [COLOR="Red"]200,000[/COLOR]

Instructions: Please go to [url]www.dklegend.com[/url] and login to the page by pressing “login” at the top right corner. Then go to the members tab and press “invitation reward system”; from there you can see whether you are eligible of getting the reward or not. Our reward system updates daily and will distribute the market points every 24 hours.

*Side note: this event ends when all 200,000 market points has been given out (400 accounts). This event only applies to the people who used their activation codes before this date. We will temporary disable the new activation codes for this event, and we will use a new registration system in a few days.

Thank you for supporting DKLegend