[EVENT]Halloween Event
Oct 16, 2017


Dear Loyal DKLegend players;

If you have no plans to go out and knock door to door in pursuit of free candy, Darkeden Legend has prepared for you these awesome Halloween events, a great way for you to still be involved in the holiday spirit during a whole month of celebrations!


Event period: From Oct 10th to Nov 6th, 2017


Event 1: Halloween Present Box

Halloween present boxes will be dropped from all Underground Lab and Lacoste Castle monsters.

Halloween Present Box Rewards list:  Lilith drop, Lilith spirit, Lilith will, Yellow candy, Pet Naming pen, Extra Naming pen, Lei  check (for slayers), Geld Check (for vamps), Zard Check (for ousters), Seven Fold, Chaotic Stone.


Event 2: Halloween Card

Collect the 4 Halloween Card parts to complete the Halloween Card puzzle and get various items as rewards by. The Halloween card parts are dropped at Ruper Island.

Halloween Card Rewards list: Vision Ampul, Grand Crystal, Guardian Crystal, Rubiate Key, B2-Monster Key, D-Tomahawk Key, Chamelon potion, Fog Powder, Summon Imp Gem, Emerald Summon Wisp Gem.

PS: If you collect 10 Grand Crystals or 10 Guardian Crystals, you can trade them with a Legendary Aura stone by contacting one of our GMs.


Event 3: Ancient Documents 

Collect the 12 lost parts of the Ancient Document by killing Ruper Island monsters stick them together to get an Ancient Document, you can exchange it at the Pumpkin NPC at each Perona in order to get a nice options contract.

Ancient Documents Rewards list: Contract of with Oniblas power with nice options that can be aa+9 hps+9 all resistance +17. The contracts can be either limited or unlimited in time. The contracts options and time limit will be given in certain probabilities.


Event 4: 3X EXPERIENCE             

Yes, as the title says, during this event you can enjoy 3X LEVEL EXPERIENCE during weekends (Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday). Make sure you take you dont miss this event! 


Event 5: Jacko Lanterns

Kill all monsters +/- 20 levels difference from yours to get Jack Lanterns, open them to get a various type of rewards.

Jack'o Lanterns Rewards List: Key of Abyss, Key of Chaos, Key of Oblivion, Key of Circulation, Key of Voidness, Key of disilusion, Uni-key, Yellow candies, lovely GiftBox, Ancient Jewel box, Color Paints.


Event 6: Halloween Night

Halloween season around the corner, which means that Darkeden Legend Team have an excuse to break out your favorite event! Tuesday 31th Oct, Lovely Gift Boxes will be dropped from all monsters +/- 20 levels with a high drop rate for a short period (the time will be announced by GM) let it be a night to remember!

Lovely Gift Boxes will be dropped during all the event period with a normal drop ratio. 

Lovely Gift Box Rewards List: Magic Avoid 3 [1], Seven Fold Stone [1], Experience Stone [3], Lilith Drop 2 [3], Lilith Spirit 2 [3], Lilith Will 2 [3], Blue Bird 2 [3], Yellow Drop 3 [4], Blue Crystal [10], Accessory Forge Type D [2], Armor Forge Type E [2], Weapon Forge type E [2], Yellow Candy [9].


Event 7: Market charging bonus and prizes.

During this event,

If you charge 10+ USD from our Market, you'll get 40% extra market points as a bonus.

If you charge 50+ USD from our Market, you'll get 50% extra market points as a bonus.

If you charge 100+ USD from our Market, you'll get 60% extra market points as a bonus.


Not only that, you will be also rewarded for every charge made as follow:

You will receive 1 free Shining Grab bag as a reward for every 50 USD accumulated donations.


PS: The automatic charging through website due to some technical issues, please contact GM Badr for more information about the manual charging procedure.


Thank you for being part of the Biggest English Darkeden Community


Best Wishes

Darkeden Legend Team