[Event]Double EXP Event
Nov 6, 2009
Event Time: from 1:00 AM GMT Nov 7,2009 to 1:00 AM GMT Nov 8,2009

Omg Omg Huge Event! 2x exp for one whole day from 1:AM GMT Nov 7,2009 to 1:00 AM GMT Nov 8,2009!

One Whole Day for all players!4x Exp If u got Hour Glass How Great Is that?

Also DKlegend have the latest update. there are so many new materials, with new monster, new map and new item.

This game is already great now even a 2x exp event for whole day could it be any better? So don't miss it, Invite your friends to join us , this is hour first 2x exp event ever since the game is releashed , so do not missed and thank you for all the loyal player to this game.

I hope you guys will enjoy this event and have fun!