[Event]Two days weekend event
Dec 4, 2009
Hello DKLegend players, since last week’s event was quite successful, we’ll
be hosting the exact same event this weekend, but of course there will be
something new to it. As far as we’re concerned, some maps have low spawn
rates. During the upcoming weekend, other than the special items, spawn
rates for certain ideal leveling maps will be increased as well.

Event: Special drops from monsters (Sandglass + Hellgarden Ticket) and
increased spawn rate for some maps.

Event begins at: 1:00am GMT+0, December 5th
Event ends at: 1:00am GMT+0, December 7th

*Sidenote: The server will shut down for the maintenance of the server and
the preparation of the event 30 minutes before the event starts. We’re sorry
about the preparation time last week.

Thank you for choosing DKLegend. Hope you enjoy your time here.