[Event]more rare item drop and increased spawn rate
Dec 11, 2009
Hello DKLegend players,since most people like the increased spawn rate
event, We'll keep this setting in this weekend. But there still has a big
surprise for all. We decided to hold increased rare item event. You can
get much more rare items in this weekend, As you know most of the
rare items are very expensive in the game. Don't miss this event.

Important: Skill book drop rate will be increased a little in the event.
Everyone will have better lucky to get a skill book.

Event: increased rare item drop(including rare skill books) and increased spawn rate for some maps .

Event begins at: 1:00am GMT+0, December 12th
Event ends at: 1:00am GMT+0, December 14th

*Sidenote: The server will shut down for the maintenance of the server and
the preparation of the event 30 minutes before the event starts. We’re sorry
about the preparation time last week.

Thank you for choosing DKLegend. Hope you enjoy your time here.