[EVENT]Special Event in this weekend
Jan 18, 2010

Dear DKL players :

In this weekend, we will hold an special event. In this event, When the players killed a monster, it will have a chance to drop those items:

Resurrection Scroll: revive charcter with 1 Hp,1EP/MP

Elixir Scroll: revive the character with full HP, half EP/MP

Small Sandglass of Experience:get doulble exp

These itmes can help you get a higt leveling speed, and timelt Resurrection in the game. If you have some problems of the weekend even, you can sent PM/e-mail/post to us. Enjoy your game time and happy weekend.

Starting time: Jan 16th 1:00 am GMT+0

Ending time: Jan 17th 1:00 am GMT+0

**Server will shut down 30 minutes before the event starts.