[Event]Halloween event of 2010
Oct 29, 2010
Hello all:

We'll have a new event for this Halloween day of 2010,wish you'll have a good holiday!

Monsters will drop Jacko's Lantern random if you kill a monster which has higher level than you.

Jacko's Lantern can't be dropped on the ground, but can be traded, be stored, and be shoped.

Try to collect more Jacko's Lantern item from monsters as you can! you can get reward from the "Jacko's Lantern" item.

When you open the Jacko's Lantern item, you'll get one item in the following reward list.

Reward List:
Dragon Firecracker
Storm Firecracker
Accura Force Scroll
Life Force Scroll
Safe Scroll
Extreme Scroll
Behimoth Scroll
Signpost 1
Experience Stone(2X extra exp,1hour)
Seven Fold Stone(7X extra exp,1hour)

Event time: ( Oct 30st ~ Nov 3th )
Event map: every map

*All reward items are time-limited (7 days)
*Seven Fold Stone : which gives 7X extra exp, does't work with experience stone simultaneous.

dkl team