[Notice]Server maintaince
Oct 31, 2010

We'll maintain server at GMT+0 11:30 2010-10-31

These bugs will be fixed :
1. pet hourglass will work;
2. Mutant injection will work, it can change
wolfdog to special pet 'Wolverine' or Change anyother kind pet to 'Wolfdog'
3. Add "Polymorph Injection" to market, it can transform a Wolfdog to a racial pet or transform a racial pet to Wolfdog;
4. Add pet mixer "Pet Compound" to market, you will need 2 pets, Main pet and Secondary pet, Main pet must be 50Lvl, and secondary pet's lvl must be between 11 and 39, including 11 and 39;
5. change monsters in the map "asylion dungeon",  "Clone Gusion" and "Clone Morgoth"  won't spawn there anymore, add more red mobs.
6. Change drop ratio for boss "Great Ruffian", add some low level skill books and blue bird;

After server maintaince, there will be an "double pet exp bonus event" for a 24hours  and if anyone have bought "pet hourglass" in market from GMT+0 20:30 2010-10-29 , you can equip them to your char one more time.

Thank you support dklegend

dklegend team