[Event]Thanksgiving day event
Nov 25, 2010

Event 1:Thanksgiving day gift

        If you visit: http://www.dklegend.com/member/getbc/ , You will be lucky to win the reward items. the rewards are pet exp hourglass(24 hour),2x exp stone(1 hour),and one bulletin board(6 hours). You can share holiday greetings with bulletin board with your friends.
      Only one reward is allowed for each account.
      All reward items are not able to be traded.
      All rewards will disappear when the event is over.

      Start from: Nov,24th,20:00 GMT+0
      End at: Nov,30th,24:00 GMT+0.

Event 2:Special drop from monsters

        We will host an special event. In this event, When the players killed a monster, They will drop following items:
        Resurrection Scroll: revive charcter with 1 Hp,1EP/MP
        Elixir Scroll: revive a character with full recovered condition
        Small Sandglass of Experience:get doulble exp

        Start from: Nov,24th,20:00 GMT+0
        End at: Nov,26th,24:00 GMT+0. 

Event 3:Coin charge reward

      a.charge  25USD one time, reward: cystal* 3,contact of adam Vis+5(Time limited:30 days)
      b.charge  50USD one time, reward: cystal* 7,contact of adam Lucky+9(Time limited:30 days)
      c.charge 100USD one time, reward: cystal*18,contact of adam Lucky+19 and Vis+5(Time limited:30 days)

     Starting time: Nov 24th 20:00 am GMT+0
     Ending time: Nov 30st 24:00 am GMT+0

charge rewards will automatically be given through your market storage on our website; 

DKL Team