[Notice]About new game client and new map
Apr 15, 2011

Dear Players:

In order to offer a better service to our valuable customers we have been working hard to improve the game.
There are players that are using external software/hacks that cause imbalance in the game. To resolve this issue and improve the game, the DKL team have done the following:

1.We have repack our game client with new encrypt, All players need to re-download the game client from the link: http://dl1.dklegend.com/dklegend_setup_6.66_0415.exe, http://dl2.dklegend.com/dklegend_setup_6.66_0415.exe ;

2.Update: New map called "Rupert Island" with new monster, new boss and high drop rates will open recently;

3.Update: Ouster skill "squally barrier1/2" will be change back to the original data, resist 60%/80% of damage when don't move;

4.Update: New background music.

5.Update: Some new low level monsters will have different appearance.

6.Update: Blood bible war on Wednesday and Sunday will last 2 hours.

7. Players that re-download their clients will be compensated with three x2 experience stones and one 7x experience stones. Compensation must be claimed from this link: http://www.dklegend.com/member/getcompensation, This compensation will open after server maintanence tomorrow, after the maintanence, old client can't login game;

dklegend team