[Notice]Server maintaince and game update
May 6, 2011

Dear dklegend players:

        We will maintain the gameserver at GMT+2 17:00 2011-05-06 for 30 minute.  
        Here is some update about ruper island and premium card:
                1. change ruper island boss's spawn time and spawn position, its all random now;
                2. permanently increase reward item of hell garden, when you get through each floor, you will get Seed x2 and Lost Ordinance x2 (Slayer), Vampiric Core x2 (Vamp), Ancient Remain x2 (Ouster);
                3. change premium card's reward item of each day: 
                        Sunday: Crystal * 1
                        Monday: Behemoth Force Scroll(Defense+30, Lasts 30 minutes) *3
                        Tuesday: Elixir Scroll(Resurrection) *3
                        Wednesday: Remote Shop NPC * 1
                        Thursday: Sandglasss of Pet Exp * 1 
                        Friday: Remote Repair NPC (repair fee 90% discount) * 1
                        Saturday: 2x Experience stone  * 1

dklegend team