[Event]Merry christmas and happy new year
Dec 24, 2011

To our loyal DKLegend players:

We appreciate for your cares toward DKLegend. We wish all of you have a wonderful Xmas with families and friends and happy new year.

Event 1: Christmas decoration puzzles
    Start from: GMT+2  09:00:00 Dec,24 2011
    End at:  GMT+2  09:00:00 Dec,31 2011

During this period of event time, monster will drop various puzzle pieces. There are three puzzles available, the snowman puzzle, the Christmas tree puzzle, and also the Christmas stocking puzzle. When you complete the puzzle, you will be awarded depending on the puzzle you were working on.

The Christmas tree puzzle will obviously give you a Christmas tree; the snowman puzzle will give you a snowman, which serves the same function as a Christmas tree; the Christmas stocking puzzle will also grant you the stocking which resembles the pattern in the puzzle; however, opening the stocking will give you market items such as corals, puritas, and Lilith drops. Inaddition to these items, you may also obtain items such as the Yellow Drop 2 and Weapon/Armor Mixing Forges (Type E) from opening the stocking.

Additional information: the puzzle pieces for the stocking pattern will only be dropped by reindeers. Reindeers only appear in field map.

Event 2: Double drop ratio event
Start from: GMT+2  09:00:00 Dec,27 2011
    End at:  GMT+2  09:00:00 Dec,29 2011

In this event, you will have more chance to get items with option.

Event 3: Double pet exp event
we’re going to host a double pet EXP event .

Start from: GMT+2  09:00:00 Dec,29 2011
    End at:  GMT+2  09:00:00 Dec,31 2011

Event 4: Double rank exp event
Start from: GMT+2  09:00:00 Dec,31 2011
    End at:  GMT+2  09:00:00 Jan,02 2012

This is a great opportunity for all races, especially vampires, to upgrade the stats or the skills like Wideness.

Event 5: Market item event
Start from: GMT+2  09:00:00 Dec,24 2011
End at:  GMT+2  09:00:00 Jan,04 2012

During the event period, random items in the market will be given discounts. The list of the discount products will be updated daily, so please check the online market everyday and see if there’s anything appealing to you.

Event 6: market point charge reward
    Start from: GMT+2  09:00:00 Dec,24 2011
    End at:  GMT+2  09:00:00 Jan,04 2012

If you charge 60+ USD to market , You'll get 20% extra market points.

60USD== 60USD * 50 * 1.2=3600 points(original 3000 points)
70USD== 70USD * 50 * 1.2=4200 points(original 3500 points)
80USD== 80USD * 50 * 1.2=4800 points(original 4000 points)
90USD== 90USD * 50 * 1.2=5400 points(original 4500 points)
100USD==100USD * 50 * 1.2=6000 points(original 5000 points)

If you charge 30+ USD to market, You'll get 10% extra market points.

30USD== 30USD * 50 * 1.1=1650 points(original 1500 points)
40USD== 40USD * 50 * 1.1=2200 points(original 2000 points)
50USD== 50USD * 50 * 1.1=2750 points(original 2500 points)

If you charge less than 30 USD, you'll get 5% extra market points

10USD == 10USD*50*1.05=525 points
20USD == 20USD*50*1.05=1050 points

Please enjoy the biggest english darkeden community server.  Happy Holidays!

Best wishes
DKLegend Team.