[UPDATE] The Dracula Castle Zone
Mar 15, 2012

Dear DKLegend players :

    We are happy to present you The Dracula Castle.

    Access Dracula Castle : Gather 5 Forbidden Blood and access the castle through the NPC at the entrance, Markus.

    How to get Forbidden Blood : It is dropped from monsters above 140 levels or it can be purchased from our market webpage

Michnea Battle

    - In order to kill Dracula, you must win the Michnea Battle.
    - There will be 3 battles everyday,3AM, 12PM and 8PM (GMT+2)

      - Once the battle starts, an object called "Michnea" will be dropped at the Holder. You must move it to the Altar.
    - As you accomplished the mission above, the entire players of your race are allowed to access Dracula Castle 2F where the Blood Dracule is located

     - Only 15 players are allowed to access Dracula Castle 2F

Best wishes
DKLegend Team.