[EVENT]The Superheroes Hunting Events
May 10, 2018


Dear Loyal Darkeden Legend players, during this special event there will be many things happening throughout Helea, and it is up to you that how to take the most out of it.


Event duration: From May 10th to June 7th, 2018


★ Event 1 Hell Garden Meet the superheroes

During this event period, superheroes made sure that all guardians in Hell Garden falls, the towers will have you 12x crosses and 6x chances to get Seeds each time you clear one of them. Make sure you take profit to the maximum, fully upgrade your set class or get the unique rewards from Hell Garden Seeds.


★Event 2: Lovely Gift Boxes

Darkeden Legend Team is showing their love to their loyal players by making Lovely Gift Boxes drop everywhere from monsters +/- 20 levels difference of yours.


★ Event 3: Bloody Boxes Hunt

Find the Bloody Boxes and you will be rewarded every time you open one. You can find them by killing monsters +/- 20 levels different from yours.

Rewards from the Bronze Bloody Box: Rainbow Candy, Normal Uni-Key, Elixir scroll, Lilith Drop, Lilith spirit, Lilith will, Blue Drop Edge, Blue Drop Shine, Blue Bird 2, Seven Fold, Chaotic Stone.

Rewards from the Silver Bloody Box: Rainbow Candy, Normal Uni-Key, Elixir scroll, Lilith Drop 2, Lilith spirit 2, Lilith will 2, Blue Drop Sun Edge, Blue Sun Shine, Yellow Drop 3, Seven Fold, Chaotic Stone.

Rewards from the Gold Bloody Box: Rainbow Candy, Normal Uni-Key, Elixir scroll, Blue Sun Bird 2, Blue Crystal, Amplification of Refined Stone, Chaotic Stone, Mistery fancy, Brooch Kamilra.


★ Event 4: Heroes training!

Heroes training has begun! Enjoy the double experience events during all the weekdays and TRIPLE experience during the weekends (from Friday to Sunday).



★ Event 5: Superheros Accumulative Market Pack

The accumulative market points event is back and now with better rewards!

Darkeden Legend Team will be rewarding you for all purchased market points by giving you a 50% bonus for all charges starting from 10$.

Not only that, but during this event, if buy a specified amount of Market Points (including the bonus), you will get the corresponding rewards from the list below.

Please note that you can get the rewards only twice during the event period, the market points charged will be accumulated to get the corresponding rewards every time you reach its value. The rewards will be sent manually to your Markets item storage (on website).


Accumulated points Reward(s)

Chaotic Stones [10]

30 days Premium Card [1]


Amplification of Refined Stone [6]

Lilith Drop 2 [12]

3.000 Premium Lovely Gift Box [2]
4.000 Shinning Blue Crystal Box [1]
7.000 Shinning Lilith Drop Box [1]
12.000 Shinning Blue Bird 2 Box [1]
15.000 Shinning Grab Box [2]
20.000 Amplification Of Refined Box [2]
25.000 Gold Pet Box [2]
35.000 Core Zaps Set +9 (Blue + Green + Red + Black) 

Gentis Pet Injection [1] 

Reposition Injection [1]

Red Bird 2 [20]


Hell Garden 10F Rare Ring (AA+20 HPS+15 HP+500) [1] 

Shinning Blue Crystal Box [2]



E.g: if your accumulated charged market points during this event reaches 20.000 points, you will get the following: Chaotic Stones [10] + 30 days Premium Card [1] + Amplification of Refined Stone [6] + Lilith Drop 2 [12] + Premium Lovely Gift Box [1] + Shinning Lilith Drop Box [1] + Shinning Blue Crystal Box [1] + Shinning Blue Bird 2 Box [1] + Shinning Grab Box [1] + Amplification Of Refined Box [1].


Please contact GM Badr or our Support Team for payments methods or to claim your corresponding rewards.


Best wishes

Darkeden Legend Team