[EVENT]Back to School Events
Sep 6, 2018


Darkeden Legend invites all players to join Back to School special events. Until October 4th, Darkeden Legend is prepared with several events which will carry you into the school year.   


Event Period : Sep 6th to Oct 4th 2018


Event 1: Lovely Gift Boxes


Darkeden Legend Team is showing their love to their loyal players by making Lovely Gift Boxes drop everywhere from monsters +/- 20 levels difference of yours.


Event 2: Enjoy Zentis Dungeon


During this event period, you can enjoy 90 seconds (instead of 45) of Zentis Dungeon Last floor.

Not only that, the sweet Topfs will be respawning 2x more than usual!

Get the maximum of the rewards from the new Topfs and the new Sweet Topfs as fast as you can!


★ Event 3: Gilles De Rais Trial

During this event period, you will be rewarded for killing the nasty Gilles De Rais by double, yes you will be getting 20 Ancient coins after clearing Gilles De Rais Lair instead of 10. (Only 20 random players inside the Lair will have the reward, make sure you reduce the number of the participants in your way to enter the lair, during this event, the maximum players that can enter will be 50 instead of 20).


There will be special GDR Free Rides at random times during this event, where GMs will be teleporting only low level players (novice players are honored during this event and might enjoy summon event inside the GDR Lair as well).


Event 4: Experience Boost

During this event period, enjoy the Triple EXP rates all weekends, from Friday to Monday:

-3x Level experience

-3x Rank experience

-3x Pet experience:



 Event 5: Market Bonanza Jackpot 

The accumulative market points event is back and now with better rewards!

Darkeden Legend Team will be rewarding you for all purchased market points by giving you a 50% bonus for all charges starting from 10$.

Not only that, but during this event, if buy a specified amount of Market Points (including the bonus), you will get the corresponding rewards from the list below.



Accumulated Market Points Rewards Amount
500 Chaotic Stone of Experience 10 Each
1.000 Amplification of Refined Stone 6 Each
2.000 Premium Lovely Gift Box  2 Each
3.000 Shinning Lilith Box  2 Each
4.000 Shining Blue Sun Bird Box  2 Each
6.000 Shinning Grab Box  3 Each
15.000 Amplification of Refined Stones Box 2 Each
20.000 Gold Pet Box 3 Each
25.000 Core Zaps Set +9 (Blue + Green + Red + Black)  1 Each
30.000 Gentis Pet Injection  1 Each
30.000 Red Bird 2 30 Each



Please note that, the market points are accumulated every time you charge during this event in order to get the corresponding rewards every time you reach their value. The rewards will be sent manually to your Markets item storage (on website).


Please contact GM Badr or our Support Team for payments methods or to claim your corresponding rewards.

Best wishes

Darkeden Legend Team