[EVENT]Black Autumn Events
Nov 19, 2018


Dear Loyal Darkeden legend players, during this special event there will be many things happening throughout Helea, and it is up to you that how to take the most out of it.


Event duration: From Nov 19, to Nov 30, 2018.


Event 1: Enjoy Zentis Dungeon

During this event period, you can enjoy 90 seconds (instead of 45) of Zentis Dungeon Last floor.

Not only that, the sweet Topfs will be respawning 2x more than usual!

Get the maximum of the rewards from the new Topfs and the new Sweet Topfs as fast as you can!


Event 2: Bloody Boxes drops in harmony

Whispers from the secret agents of E.V.E in coordination with the Natures protectors have given few indices of an ancient case so called the Bloody Box! It may contain secrets of not only vampires creation but also maybe all the living creatures.

Find those Bloody Boxes, you will be certainly rewarded every time you open one, seek for the real story of your races creation or at least contribute in its evolution. You can find them by killing monsters +/- 20 levels different from yours.

Rewards from the Bronze Bloody Box: Rainbow Candy, Normal Uni-Key, Elixir scroll, Lilith Drop, Lilith spirit, Lilith will, Blue Drop Edge, Blue Drop Shine, Blue Bird 2, Seven Fold, Chaotic Stone.

Rewards from the Silver Bloody Box: Rainbow Candy, Normal Uni-Key, Elixir scroll, Lilith Drop 2, Lilith spirit 2, Lilith will 2, Blue Drop Sun Edge, Blue Sun Shine, Yellow Drop 3, Seven Fold, Chaotic Stone.

Rewards from the Gold Bloody Box: Rainbow Candy, Normal Uni-Key, Elixir scroll, Blue Sun Bird 2, Blue Crystal, Amplification of Refined Stone, Chaotic Stone, Mistery fancy, Brooch Kamilra.


Event 3: Cover the Mysterious boxes

“Mysterious Gift Boxes” will be dropped from monsters +/- 20 levels difference compared to yours. In order to open those boxes, you will need either a “Mysterious Silver Key” or a “Mysterious Gold Key”, which drops from the Ruper Island monsters. The Rewards from the Mysterious Gift boxes will be better if you open them using the Mysterious Gold Key.

Rewards using the Mysterious Silver Key: Interpreter Fooder, Good Fortune fooder, Mighty fodder, Max Fodder, Light Smart Fooder, M Grade Hour glass, S Grade Hour glass, Red bird 2, Mistery Fancy injection,

Rewards using the Mysterious Gold Key: Blue Bird 2, Blue Bird 2, Blue drop Edge, 1*Seven Fold, 3*Seven Fold, 1*Chaotic stone, 3*Chaotic stone, Ancient Jewel Box, Lovely Giftbox.


Event 4: Super Experience Boost

During this event period, enjoy the Triple EXP rates all days! Expect some special 4x EXP RATIO hours too, The GMs will announce it in-game only, so make sure youre there to enjoy it!

-3x Level experience

-3x Rank experience

-3x Pet experience


Event 5: Black Friday Deals

During this event period, for every confirmed purchase of 2 gambling boxes (same type) from Darkeden Legend Market, you will get the 3th one for free!

 After buying the boxes from market, you can then claim your prize by filling this form: Black Friday Free Boxes

The gambling boxes included in this event are Shining Grab Bag, Gold Pet Box, Amplification of Refined Stone Box, Premium Lovely Gift Box, Shinning Will Box, Shining Drop Box, Shinning Spirit Box, Shining Blue Spirit Box, Shinning Blue Sun Bird 2 Box and Riddle Box.


 Event 4: Black Autumn Market Offer

The accumulative market points event is still around and with better rewards this time!

Darkeden Legend Team will be rewarding you for all purchased market points by giving you a 70% bonus for all charges starting from 10$.

Not only that, but during this event, if buy a specified amount of Market Points (including the bonus), you will get the corresponding rewards from the list below.


Accumulated Market Points Rewards Amount
500 Chaotic Stone of Experience 10 Each
1.000 Amplification of Refined Stone 6 Each
2.000 Premium Lovely Gift Box  2 Each
3.000 Shinning Lilith Box  2 Each
4.000 Shining Blue Sun Bird Box  2 Each
6.000 Shining Grab Box 2 Each
8.000 Legendary Aura Stone 5 Each
10.000 Ampification of Refined Stones Box 2 Each
12.000 Shining Lilith Box 2 Each
14.000 Shining Grab Box 2 Each
16.000 Shining Blue Crystal Box 2 Each
18.000 Shining Blue Sun Bird Box 2 Each
18.000 Amplification of Refined Stones Box 2 Each
20.000 Gold Pet Box 3 Each
25.000 Core Zaps Set +9 (Blue + Green + Red + Black)  1 Each
30.000 Gentis Pet Injection  1 Each
30.000 Red Bird 2 50 Each


Please contact GM Badr or our Support Team for payments methods or to claim your corresponding rewards.


Best wishes

Darkeden Lege